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11-19-2017 - Hero's Reward

A new Zafo set! A brave anime hero gets rewarded by a pair of lusty elven queens. Samples!

12-28-2016 - Beach Days

Five new Hibbli sets! With each of the fantasy girls falling prey to the lusts of pirates. Samples!

11-28-2016 - Faelwen Beast

A brand new Zen set! With his take on the story of the dominatrix elf princess and her burly troll captive. Samples!

10-31-2016 - Vampire & Prey

A sexy vampiress heads downtown for a spicy late night snack. Samples!

10-17-2016 - WH40K Genestealer

A Sister of Battle gets bred by a Tyranid Genestealer. Samples!

09-26-2016 - TMNT: Ruins

April O'Neil gets captured and "tenderly loved" by Bebop & Rocksteady. Samples!

09-09-2016 - Paladin & Demon Hunter

A blonde belf paladin gets filled with fel-infused cock. Samples!

07-05-2016 - Election Year

Liberty and Justice find themselves at the mercy of politicians. Samples!

06-02-2016 - Emerald Talisman

A brand new Zen set! Sonya searches for the Emerald Talisman and gets a brutal gangbang as well. Samples!

06-02-2016 - Kidnapped Princess

A new Zafo set! Jasmine is kidnapped and sent to the dungeons. Samples!

04-20-2016 - Amilee Bathtub

Solo centerfold shots of Amilee pleasuring herself in the bath. Samples!

04-20-2016 - Bismarck

Another Zafo set! Sexy German ship-girl Bismarck takes multiple shots from an Abyssal and gets sunk. Samples!

04-03-2016 - RedRobot Sets

Four new sets from RedRobot catering to a variety of tastes. Samples!

01-21-2016 - Practicing Witchcraft

Moar stuff from Zen! Aspiring witch Gabby accidentally summons a cruel demon who gives her a hard fuck but doesn't let her orgasm. Samples!

01-07-2016 - Dun'ragonIV

A new Zen set! A demon possessed elf is creating an army of demon orcs with her eldritch pussy. Samples!

01-07-2016 - Rough Night

New RedRobot! A succubus encounters the world's classiest gentleman in a bar. Can Helen Black arrive in time to save him?! Samples!

12-30-2015 - Mynxie StripClub

Christmas elf Mynxie works hard for a tip, but gets the entire shaft instead! Plus a creampie and cum bath as well. Samples!

12-16-2015 - Checkmate

More RedRobot! Sorority sluts on the prowl set their sights on the Chess champ. Samples!

12-16-2015 - Interspecies Communication

Another RedRobot set! The claasic story of a researcher and her alien test subject. Samples!

12-16-2015 - Hallow: Minotaur

RedRobot set! The story of witch Hallow and her encounter in the Lair of the Minotaur. Samples!

10-09-2015 - Helen Black: Vampire Hunter

A new RedRobot set! Helen takes on a vampire cult that rules the city's underground sex trade. Samples!

10-02-2015 - Belf & Worgen

Our favorite sluttly Belf returns! This time with some PvP action from a Worgen rogue. Samples!

08-26-2015 - Angel Girl

Another Zafo set! A sexy angel gets corrupted by a vile demon and his reptilian hound. Samples!

08-20-2015 - Livecasters

A great RedRobot set! Officer Sita investigates a noise complaint and ends up streaming. Samples!

07-10-2015 - Erin-Vikki4

Zen's continuing futa adventures of Erin & Vikki as Ms Natalie tries to drive a wedge between them. Samples!

07-10-2015 - Summoning

A new RedRobot set! With Harrow the Witch running into some problems with her summons. Samples!

05-28-2015 - Lonely Princess

New set from Zafo! Princess Jasmine has some fun with her pets while Aladdin is away. Samples!

05-15-2015 - Night Trips

And another Zen set! Carina has her dreams invaded yet again by the creepy demon clown. Samples!

03-21-2015 - Cats Pajamas

Yet another Zen set! Elf princess Rubi has an encounter with a lusty were-panther. Samples!

02-20-2015 - Sleep Study

Another Zen set! A prequel in his Erin & Vicki series, with lovely redhead Erin getting slammed by futa cock in her dreams. Samples!

12-20-2014 - Sniper & Sith

A sniper tries to take on a Sith with typical results. Samples!

10-22-2014 - Zen Trilogy

A new Zen set! With three stories in one for a Halloween treat. Samples!

10-18-2014 - Hellslave

Enslaved angel Serra begins her training under a new demonic owner. Samples!

09-26-2014 - Green Goblin

Gwen Stacy enjoys the full onslaught of the Green Goblin's maniacal lust. Samples!

09-12-2014 - Bad Ending

Another great Hibbli set! An alternate ending to Knight Elayne's adveture in The Old Chapel. Samples!

09-09-2014 - Zafo TERA

New set from Zafo! A pair of Castanic hotties have fun exploring a dungeon. Samples!

08-30-2014 - Green Goblin

Gwen Stacy gets a ride home in the back of Norman Osborn's limo. Samples!

08-27-2014 - Strip Poker

A free set from Hibbli! Knight Elayne plays cards with some tavern monsters. Samples!

08-22-2014 - DollHouse

A new Zen set! Jessica and her sister Ellie are dragged into the demon realm to pleasure their new masters. Samples!

08-16-2014 - Forest Eyes

A new Hibbli set! Knight Elayne is enchanted in the woods by a band of wicked Forest Trolls. Samples!

08-12-2014 - TMNT Rooftop

Plucky wannabe journalist April has her first encounter with the Hooligans in a Halfshell. Samples!

08-02-2014 - Maid Service

The Tauren punishes his slutty clumsy Draenei Maid just the way she likes. Samples!

07-21-2014 - Police State

Liberty & Justice explore the excitement of surrendering freedom in the name of security. Samples!

07-05-2014 - Nuala

Another great Vaesark set! Pure and beuatiful Nuala gets corrupted in every way by foul demons. Samples!

07-02-2014 - SAO Leafa

Kirito loses someone else dear to him as Gleam Eyes has it's way with his sister / cousin. Samples!

06-29-2014 - Elf Minotaur

A new Vaesark set! A waifish elven paladin allows a mintoaur to have it's way with her. Samples!

06-28-2014 - Dun'Ragon 2

A new Zen set! The continuing epic fantasy adventure of Fae'aria and her well-hung orc lover. Samples!

06-11-2014 - Tavern

A new Hibbli set! Knight Elayne on another adventure, getting bespelled and ravished in a tavern. Samples!

05-30-2014 - Ink & Paint

Jessica Rabbit starts doing sex shows to help pay off Roger's gambling debts. Samples!

05-25-2014 - Sadia

A new Vaesark set! Sexy Asari slut Sadia fucks everyone (and every thing) on the ship. Samples!

05-21-2014 - LoQO Group

A new Zafo set! The slutty royal family from Legend of Queen Opala doing what they normally do. Samples!

05-19-2014 - US Cavalry

Caleigh is hard at work keeping the Old West safe. This time trying to save Squaw Girl from some Cavalry soldiers. Samples!

05-14-2014 - Hard Lesson

A new set from Zen! Erin & Vikki have some futa fun in the girl's locker room. Samples!

05-12-2014 - Elayne

Yet another great new artist - Hibbli! With the epic story of Knight Elayne and her adventure in the Old Chapel. Samples!

05-06-2014 - Nari

Another new artist joins the site - the old school master Vaesark! With a set featuring hottie drow Nari taking it hard from her monstrous lovers. Samples!

05-01-2014 - Meereen

After Daeney fails to take Meereen, she is at the mercy of a cruel Hizdahr and the menagerie of the Fighting Pits. Samples!

04-18-2014 - The Gryphon

Slutty knight Lady d'Clairmonte conquers the dread Gryphon. Samples!

04-05-2014 - Zafo: Glamour

Supermodel Sharon has some fun with with a vagrant hobo. Samples!

03-30-2014 - Spring 2014

Peach & Zelda party on Spring Break and hook up with that greasey Gerudo juicehead, Ganondorf. Samples!

03-16-2014 - Pot of Gold

Bronwynne chases a rainbow to find a pot of gold... and the monstrous leprechaun guarding it. Samples!

03-08-2014 - Belf&Trolls

Our fave Blood Elf you'd Love to Fuck returns for another adulterous adventure with a pair of well-hung trolls. Samples!

02-20-2014 - Valentine 3

Captured by Umbrella soldiers, Jill becomes the next corporate experiment. Samples!

02-08-2014 - After Hours

Cherry Bomb is back for round 2 with the Troll shaman. But this time on her terms! Samples!

01-31-2014 - Zafo Bounty

A new set from Zafo! A pair of bounty hunters try to collect the reward on a space pirate. Samples!

01-22-2014 - Dr Octopus

Gwen Stacy falls into the robo-arm embrace of Dr Octopus. Samples!

01-12-2014 - EroTech

Sexy cyber-cop Ryoko investigates a hacking attempt at EroTech Labs. Samples!

12-31-2013 - Nutcracker

Happy New Year! Mynxie rewards the Nutcracker for saving her. Samples!

12-28-2013 - Carina Xmas

A new Zen set! Another Carina dream, this time in a sweaty gangbang with Christmas goblins. Samples!

12-25-2013 - Gingerbread

Merry Christmas! Mynxie has some fun with Gingerbread. Samples!

12-15-2013 - Jedi & Sith

A Jedi must resist the seductive temptations of a Sith Lord and his Twilek slave. Samples!

12-12-2013 - 3 Wishes

A new set from Zafo! When the genie is a smokin' hottie, she always ends up as one of the wishes. Samples!

12-07-2013 - Lisbeth

Welcome back to Sword Art Online. Gleam Eyes heads down to the 48th level for some more griefing. Samples!

12-05-2013 - The Heist

A new artist to the site - RedRobot. With a 35-page comic of a catburglar caught in the act. Samples!

11-27-2013 - Zen Freebie!

A free set from Zen! Sexy blonde Kimi is a toy ready to be broken by a vile demon! Samples!

11-26-2013 - Squaw Corn

Happy Thanksgiving! Pilgrim Girl and Squaw Girl must pay the price for offending the Great Corn Spirit. Samples!

11-20-2013 - Dun'Ragon

Zen begins a new HUGE epic tale of a half-elf dragonrider who encounters an unlikely orc. Samples!

11-13-2013 - Jessica R.

Who fucked Jessica Rabbit? Pretty much all of Toon Town. This time it's a pair of Gangsters! Samples!

11-05-2013 - WH40K

A Battle Sister is helpless beneath the caress of a vile Chaos-spawn Daemonette. Samples!

10-27-2013 - Vamp & Priest

A sexy Vampire seduces a Priest and gets a good hard staking in return. Samples!

10-18-2013 - Ensign Jenny

Our favorite Trekkie fuck toy investigates a ghost ship and gets an ectoplasmic surprise. Samples!

10-09-2013 - The Manticore

Lady D'Clairmonte is on another knightly quest. This time to defeat the evil Manticore! Samples!

09-27-2013 - Jedi & Scouts

Ambushed by Imperial Troopers, a young Jedi becomes their plaything in the forests of Alderaan. Samples!

09-20-2013 - Gleam Eyes

Welcome to Sword Art Online. Kirito and Asuna face off against 74th level boss - Gleam Eyes. Samples!

09-07-2013 - Cherry Bomb

Shadowrun Returns! Sexy bartender Cherry Bomb gets an after-hours visitor and alot of hard troll cock. Samples!

09-02-2013 - Jessica P2

Another awesome Zen set! Jessica has another dark encounter with the sex-hungry Vampire and his mind-control powers. Samples!

08-22-2013 - Summer 2013

Peach and Zelda visit Isla Delfino for vacation and end up taking a gangbang from Diddy Kong and his surfer brosefs. Samples!

08-09-2013 - Ryoko AvP

Xenomorphs and Predators fight over sexy cyborg girl Ryoko. No matter who wins, she still ends up fucked. Samples!

08-01-2013 - Jalinn P1

Another huge set by Zen. Jalinn and her friend are visited by the Baron's thugs. Part one of an epic tale. Samples!

07-20-2013 - Belf&Centaur

Everyone's favorite adulterous Blood Elf you'd Love to Fuck is back for another romp, this time with a savage Centaur. Samples!

07-08-2013 - Zafo: Pirated!

A new set from Zafo! Featuring Nami from One Piece taking it hard and rough from a Fishman pirate. Samples!

07-04-2013 - Corporate Pig

Liberty and Justice become the victims of rapacious corporate lust. Samples!

06-28-2013 - Hellbent

Serra Angel goes to Hell and gets a hard DP from a pair of demons. Samples!

06-18-2013 - Steampunk

Air Captain Peabody is assigned to participate in a photoshoot. What depravities must she endure? Samples!

06-07-2013 - Aftermath

Ensign Jenny recovers from her Borg ordeal with some help from Dr Karol and a sexy Vulcan. Samples!

05-18-2013 - Doomsday

Wonder Woman and Power Girl faceoff against Doomsday, and get their asses handed to them. But they don't seem to mind. Samples!

05-09-2013 - El Mariachi

Marshall McClintock arrests a Mariachi, and they both end up getting more than they bargained for. Samples!

04-27-2013 - Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen pays the price for gaining the Iron Throne. Samples!

04-16-2013 - Brood Whores

Kerrigan and Nova get into a catfight... but end up as breeding stock for a new generation of Zerg. Samples!

04-13-2013 - Zen - Carina

Carina is having bad dreams again. The kind that have her in a dark attic getting fucked by a creepy demon. Samples!

03-26-2013 - Succubus

Another great set from Zafo! A caged succubus escapes imprisonment, and gets a tasty snack in the process. Samples!

03-20-2013 - Festival

Redhead ranger Brownynne visits the annual Shamrock Festival and becomes a party favor for all the Forest Folk. Samples!

03-12-2013 - Krikka & Lizard

Sexy little goblin K'rikka returns for another pounding. This time from a double-dicked Lizard King. Samples!

02-26-2013 - Zombie Mansion

Zen's debut set for the site. A beautiful motorist gets stranded near a sinister mansion. Fortunately a zombie is there to help her out... of her clothes. Samples!

02-23-2013 - Storybook

An illustrated fem-dom story in which an elf princess gets a new Troll slave to play with. Samples!

02-19-2013 - Archives

In response to repeated requests, all the old sets from my blog have been added to the member galleries and download section. Free Downloads!

02-16-2013 - Valentine II

Jill and Chris spend a romantic Valentine's Day in a freight elevator with a bit of T-Virus viagara. Samples!

02-04-2013 - Groknar

Groknar the Ork heads North for some adventure, and gets a bit of elf trim while he's there. Samples!

01-18-2013 - Dredd

Rookie psi-Judge Anderson finds herself at the mercy of a criminal's perverted mind. Samples!

01-05-2013 - NewYear 2013

Peach and Zelda are "abandoned" by their boyfriends during New Years. Fortunately, Bowser is there to keep them company. Samples!

12-28-2012 - Witchcraft

A new Zafo set! A young witch's magic goes awry in every situation... but she doesn't seem to mind. Samples!

12-25-2012 - Snowmen

Merry Christmas! Sexy elf Mynxie does a gift share with a pair of homeless Snowmen. Samples!

12-21-2012 - Mynxie Stripper

Mynxie the Christmas Elf moonlights as a stripper and puts on a show with a bottle of champagne. Samples!

12-18-2012 - Belf Xmas

Our favorite Blood Elf has a bit of Xmas infidelity while out shopping. Samples!

11-29-2012 - RE:Stairway

Addicted to T-Virus cock, Jill Valentine can't resist when yet another monstrosity has it's way with her. Samples!

11-22-2012 - Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving! The Pilgrim Girl finds out that making Pumpkin Pie can be more dangerous than one would think. Samples!

11-17-2012 - LoQO Farah

Another set from Zafo! This time our favorite egyptian cougar from Legend of Queen Opala entertains two hung studs. Samples!

11-12-2012 - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman battles the triple-headed beast of Hades, and ends up taking all three heads inside her. Samples!

10-30-2012 - Steampunk Advs

Ace pilot Emily Peadbody gets some hard disciplinary action from Staff Marshall McFlash. Samples!

10-19-2012 - Ensign Jenny

The continuing adventures of Ensign Jenny as she faces her most dangerous enemy yet... The Borg! Resistance is futile. Samples!

10-13-2012 - Zafo Art

Another new artist to the site, Zafo! With a new set of spear-warrior Anya and her encounter with the dread Ruin Stalker. Samples!

10-08-2012 - Vampire&Lycan

A vampire huntress becomes the breeding bitch of a bestial Lycan. Samples!

09-30-2012 - Horsing Around

Sexy redhead ranger Bronwynne has a bit of fun with a Centaur. Samples!

09-22-2012 - RE: Clones

Alice finds clones of herself in one of Umbrella's secret labs. But they have a twist! Samples!

09-08-2012 - Lizard's Tail

Spider-man gets defeated! And the Lizard takes Gwen Stacy. Samples!

08-29-2012 - Tera & Demon

Sexy litte elf adventurer Tera attempts a quest to defeat the sinister Goat Demon. Samples!

08-17-2012 - Breeding Nova

The second part of the pair of Starcraft sets. This time Nova tries to infiltrate a Zerg hive... with disastrous results. Samples!

08-10-2012 - Starcraft: Nova

The first of a pair of Starcraft sets, this one featuring Nova Terra in some solo poses. Samples!

08-01-2012 - Ensign Jenny

The adventures of Ensign Jenny continue on her 5-year mission to bang every alien in the galaxy. Samples!

07-19-2012 - LeTour deMongo

The greatest cycling event ever! Touring bikes and hot elf chicks! Plus an awesome animation! Samples!

07-09-2012 - Faerie & Frog

A fairy frolicks with a pond frog and gets more than she bargained for. Samples!

07-03-2012 - Korra

Avatar Korra is captured by Equalists. Will she lose her bending, or just bend over? Samples!

06-18-2012 - Belf & Tauren

A lovely Blood Elf nervously tries out a Tauren for the first time. Samples!

06-11-2012 - Devonna

Sexy succubus Devonna shows just how seductive demons of lust can be. Samples!

06-02-2012 - Snow White

The classic fairy tale of Snow White & the Huntsman. Well... sorta. Samples!

05-29-2012 - SWTOR: Vette

Our favorite Twi'lek slave Vette ends up on her hands and knees again serving her Sith master. Samples!

05-19-2012 - Avengers

Natasha finds out what Dr Banner is like when he gets angry. Samples!

05-13-2012 - Hinata & KillerB

Hinata likes anyone with a Tailed Beast, and decides to try out all Eight Tails! Samples!

05-05-2012 - Tavern Maid

Groknar the Orc Barbarian thinks the Tavern Maid should be on the menu. Samples!

04-23-2012 - Ensign Jenny

Ensign Jenny goes where no man has gone before to fight the Klingons. Samples!

04-13-2012 - Bronwynne

Solo pics of sexy red-haired rangerette Bronwynne. Samples!

03-13-2012 - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman in a solo photoshoot on Themyscira. Samples!

03-07-2012 - Dragon's Lair

The lovely knight Lady d'Clairmonte rides out to deal with a dragon menacing the countryside. Hijinks ensue. Samples!

02-26-2012 - Princess Peach

While Mario is away, a lonely Princess Peach plays with one of her Toadstool subjects... and gets more than she bargained for. Samples!

02-19-2012 - Dragon Slayers

A Blood Elf Hunter and Death Knight celebrate after defeating a dragon. Samples!

02-12-2012 - Valentine's Day

Jill and Nemesis from Resident Evil spend a romantic Valentine's Day in a dark alley. Samples!

02-04-2012 - SWTOR: Vette

The sexy Twi'lek slave Vette from SW:TOR has a bit of solo fun performing for her master. Samples!

01-28-2012 - Beauty & Beast

A tale as old as time, when the lovely Belle is punished by the Beast. Samples!

01-15-2012 - Mynxie's Room

Santa wanders into Mynxie's room for an after Christmas present. Samples!

12-19-2011 - MediLab

Dr. Larista Hope performs a very thorough examination of an alien lifeform in her medical lab. Samples!

12-11-2011 - Mynxie: HotTub

Christmas elf Mynxie gives studly reindeer Donner and Blitzen the best present ever in Santa's Hot Tub! Samples!   Also last year's set in the Download area for Free!

12-04-2011 - Donkey Show

It's high noon at the corral when sexy marshall Caleigh tries to arrest the outlaw Pancho Burro. Samples!

11-23-2011 - Thanksgiving!

A Pilgrim girl goes hunting for a turkey on Thanksgiving, and ends up getting stuffed instead! Samples!

11-17-2011 - Evangelion: Rei

A new set featuring Rei Ayanami from Evangelion experiencing NERV's new method of applying LCL to EVA pilots. Samples!

11-12-2011 - Site Active

Yay! The site is now fully active with all galleries and updates! Enjoy.


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